Getting Reliable 24hr Emergency Towing in Clayton

red antique car on flatbed tow truckWhat would you do if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and its past business hours? The last thing you want is to call your towing company only to find they are closed for the day. It’s such desperate situations that make informed car owners to look for emergency towing services early in advance.

Ask your friends and neighbors

There could be a number of people in Clayton you know could help you find an emergency towing company. Ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues at work to give you names of towing companies in your area that they trust. But don’t just take their word for it. Perform your own background checks before settling for any recommended towing company.

Compare the rates charged

You should contact at least 3 towing companies to compare their rates and know their method of payment. Some will accept payments from your insurance company whereas others will insist on the client making up-front payments. Whatever the case, don’t let the cost of towing services be the only factor that determines the towing company you choose. But if you’re looking for the best towing company in Clayton, then the search is over as you’re at the right place!

What tow vehicle is used?

Towing should be done properly to prevent causing any damage to your car. It’s important to find out what tow vehicles are used by the company even during emergencies. If you have an expensive car, then having it towed in a safe way should be your top priority. What would be your reaction if you see a hook and chain tow truck sent your way to drag your car when it malfunctions. This type of car can cause significant damage to your vehicle because of the pulling and dragging and that’s why it is only recommended for junk or wrecked cars.

Reliable towing companies usually use flatbeds to safely transport their client’s vehicles. Flatbed tow vehicles are considered safer because your car is not dragged while attached to a chain, it is safely placed on the hydraulic bed and transported to the required destination. So ask what kind of tow vehicles will be used if you ever need this service.

Level of skill and experience

Roadside assistance and recovery services should be offered by experienced staff. You can only have peace of mind if you leave your car in the hands of professionals. Take time to choose professionals who can assure you that your car will reach its destination safely and efficiently while providing the best customer service all through.

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