Roadside Emergency Services in Clayton

xxxIt’s not uncommon for a car to break down when you least expect it. The next steps you follow when you find yourself in the middle of a roadside emergency are critical. We will take you through some critical steps to follow to protect yourself and your car from any form of damage or accident.

  1. Pull over

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your car, don’t take any chances and just pull over towards the right. But be very cautious when stopping your car at night and make sure you can see where you’re headed to. Avoid stopping your car in a dark corner or over a hill or where the road is really narrow.

  1. Is it safe to leave the car?

Don’t exit the car unless you’re sure it’s safe. Make sure you turn on the hazard lights before leaving the car. Keep a close eye of your surroundings especially if your car breaks down at night to ensure you are not an easy target. Once you are sure everything is safe, you can leave the car but try not to open the door on the traffic side.

  1. Get assistance

If you suspect that something is seriously wrong, get the necessary assistance. You can call road emergency service company in Clayton. As you wait for assistance, you can try and examine the state of the car but don’t attempt to handle repairs that are way above your capability. In general, it’s safer to keep away from the car especially if you notice an oil leak or smoke emanating from the hood.

  1. What you can do to remain safe

It’s important to increase your visibility when you’ve pulled over if your car is somewhat damaged. Other drivers, especially if you are next to a narrow lane, may not be able to see your car and this places you at high risk. You can try raising your vehicle’s hood so that they know there’s something wrong with the car. Taking such simple measures as you wait for roadside assistance can go a long way in keeping you safe.

  1. Do you have emergency supplies?

You never know when your car will break down especially if you’re travelling a long distance so other than getting the contacts of roadside emergency assistance, you’ll need supplies like a first aid kit, a spare tire, jack and other simple tools that can come in handy when your car breaks down.

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