Different Kinds of Tow Vehicles

truck-602567_1920If you are a car owner, you may need to know the types of towing trucks available just in case you need one at some point. Using the right tow truck can prevent damage to the vehicle being towed. There are trucks designed for heavy duty towing without causing any damage. Others can cause significant damage and are often used to drag junk cars. We will look at 3 common types of towing vehicles.

Flatbed tow vehicle

Also known as a rollback truck, it has a long hydraulic bed that can be lowered down for easy loading. The car can be driven or pulled onto the ramp without causing any significant damage. It can be used to carry stationary cars, motorcycles and boats of different sizes. The ramp is maintained in an even position using the hydraulic system so that the car can be safely transported. The main advantage of the rollback truck is that it prevents dragging the car behind the tow truck and is considered a safer towing technique. However, it is considered a costlier towing service compared to the others.

Hook and chain tow trucks

These tow trucks have been used for many years and are often cheaper and more readily available than flatbeds. A hook and chain is attached to the car in order to drag the vehicle. The hook is attached to the axle or frame of your car using a strong chain that lifts the car slightly. This type of truck is often used to tow junk or severely wrecked cars. Most car owners will not consider this type of truck when they need a towing service and their car is in good condition because of the damage they can cause.

Wheel-lift tow trucks

Wheel-lift tow trucks also have a hydraulic system that lifts the car gently using a metal yoke that is placed on the front or rear tires. Because the car is significantly lifted from the ground, it lowers the risk of damage caused by dragging. This type can be used as a cheaper alternative to tow cars that are in good condition or the ones that only need a few repairs.

When choosing the appropriate type of towing vehicle, consider the cost, distance that the car will be towed as well as the safety of your car. Don’t rush to pay for the cheapest towing service in your area if your car’s safety is not guaranteed. Get affordable towing service in Clayton that can also provide top-notch services. Get in touch with us here at Cole’s Carolina!

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