Road Safety: Getting Ready for a Long Drive

professional car towingIf you are planning for a long drive in Clayton NC, the first question you might ask yourself is “is the car ready for the journey too”. Ensuring that your car is in proper condition before you leave will give you peace of mind and ascertain your safety along the way. We’ve put together a couple of things you need to do when preparing for a long drive.

A full safety inspection

A week before the trip, take your car to a qualified mechanic for routine inspection. Taking your car for inspection a day before your trip may not be a good idea since there could be issues that take a while to fix. Safety inspections involve looking at the basic stuff like fluid levels and brakes as well as the shocks and lights to ensure everything is in working order.   Below are some of the things that should be covered during an auto inspection.

Check the brakes: It’s important to ensure that your brakes are in order before taking a road trip. If the brakes are less than 50% then your mechanic may advise you to have them replaced. It also depends on the distance you are planning to cover.

Car battery check: If your battery is more than 5 years old, it could need to be replaced. Some batteries will only last 3 years or less depending on usage. The mechanic will check if it’s securely placed and order a replacement if need be. If bad luck strikes on the road and you’d need a reliable towing in Clayton NC, get in touch with us!

Check fluids: The car’s oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze have to be checked. Oil changes will be required if it hasn’t been done in a while. Your mechanic would also advise on this based on the mileage. Any fluids that are low will need to be topped up. It’s wise to have a few bottles in your car just in case you need to top up fluids and you are nowhere near a service station.

Check the wipers: Make sure the wipers run smoothly. If they don’t, replace them before the long journey. Shocks and springs that don’t operate well also need to be replaced.

Check tires: You’ll need to check the alignment of your tires before travelling. Make sure you carry a spare tire and that the 4 are inflated to the right pressure.

Lights: All the lights should be in good working order. This includes the headlights, turn signals and brakes. Any broken lights need to be fixed before your trip.

Have your car checked before you go for a long drive to prevent any road emergencies. But in case you’d need a reliable roadside assistance in Clayton area, call us here at Coles Carolina!

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